Look Up See the Difference 

by Fred Wikkeling with Christopher Lake 


Get Fred's pocket size book to help you to remember to look up in life. Read about ways to stay positive and the benefits of affirmation. Buy it now!

 Paperback Book $8.95 plus shipping



2 Hour DISC Evaluation with Fred Wikkeling

Single $149.00 ea.

Group $99.00 ea.

Please Choose single or group rates. Group rates are 4 or more participants in a single session. This includes an online DISC evaluation and a 2 hour follow up with Fred to go over your results.


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Power of the Platform 

with Fred Wikkeling and other Authors

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 The Power of the Platform: Speakers on Purpose will motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals, find your purpose, and live the life of your dreams! Grab this book, take your seat, and enjoy. Buy The Power of the Platform now!

Paperback Book $19.95 plus shipping


Think and Grow Rich 

by Napolean Hill 


Think and Grow

  "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve"  Napoleon Hill

Napolean Hill's 1938 version of Think and Grow Rich in PDF format. You will read his teachings on the famous Andrew Carnegie's formula for money making success, based upon the "THIRTEEN PROVEN STEPS TO RICHES". Whatever you want most, be it money, fame, power, contentment, peace of mind or something else, this book will help make it possible. Buy it now.

Paperback Book $12.95 plus shipping



Look Up See the Difference Audio CD 

by Fred Wikkeling with Christopher Lake


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Fred's inspirational book read aloud by Fred himself. Listen and get motivated anywhere. Get it now!

Audio CD $8.95 plus shipping



Introduction to DISC by Fred Wikkeling


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This is Fred's presentation on DISC on a DVD. You can watch and listen to Fred at your own pace in your own living room. Learn about DISC with a bowl of popcorn. Get it today.

Introduction to DISC DVD $9.95 plus shipping



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